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Dolphin Capital Investors

Founding partner

Dolphin is a leading global investor in the residential resort sector in emerging markets and one of the largest real estate investment companies quoted on AIM in terms of net assets. Dolphin seeks to generate strong capital growth for its shareholders by acquiring large seafront sites of striking natural beauty in the eastern Mediterranean, Caribbean and Latin America and developing sophisticated leisure-integrated residential resorts.


Grupo Eleta

Founding partner

Grupo Eleta was founded by Fernando Eleta A., a renowned Panamanian businessman with extensive local and international business experience. Fernando, educated in Stanford and MIT, served as Secretary of Treasury, Minister of Foreign Affairs, founding governor of the Interamerican Development Bank (IDB), diplomat and also throughout his life has been an active entrepreneur and founder of several associations and many civic institutions.



Grupo Verdeazul

Grupo Verdeazul was founded 12 years ago in Panama and has been involved in the development and construction of real estate, commercial and hotel projects. Among its signature projects are: Buenaventura, Bristol Panama Hotel, JW Marriot Panama Golf & Resort, Buenaventura Golf Club and Casa Mar. Grupo Verdeazul will contribute towards the development of Pearl Island, with significant experience it has gained, in the luxury real estate market.


Grupo Valor Centroamérica

Grupo Valor was founded in 2000 with the goal of helping our customers to get more value from their business through the development and implementation of comprehensive business strategies. Throughout their journey Grupo Valor has distinguished itself as a leader in strategic and financial consulting firm in the Central American region. Their reputation is based on results. They have assisted over 300 clients to date.


Canal Venture Capital

Canal Venture Capital (CVC ) is a business Holding that groups operating companies , assets and investments. Since its inception in 2000 the company has been established in the Republic of Panama and currently owns approximately seventy employees. The group has focused its investments in activities that show accelerated growth in the Latin American market such as telecommunications , real estate and distribution businesses . Currently the company has assets in the order of $ 33MM and its president and founder is Guillermo of Saint Malo Eleta

Masterplanners & Architects


Hart Howerton

Hart Howerton is a team of strategists, architects, landscape architects and designers with a global practice headquartered in New York, San Francisco and London. They create places that have a competitive edge in their markets and enduring value for their owners and their communities. Their clients are successful, visionary landowners, developers, investors, public agencies and families. They bring together a broad spectrum of strategies, talents and disciplines to focus on the total experience of people in the places they design.


Arosemena & Soundy

AROSEMENA & SOUNDY ARQUITECTOS was founded in Panama City, Panama, in 2006. We are an architectural design firm made up by a passionate team of professionals with a wide array of experiences that range from working for architectural firms in New York, Chicago, London, Guatemala City, and Sao Paolo, to academic professorships, consulting for various NGO’s, and hands-on construction labor. The unique combination of experience, ideals and talent fuels the work of our firm.

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